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  Policy Statement
1. On Quality
2. On Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)


TEC hereby designates as a fundamental corporate objective the health of all employees and the safety of industrial plants within the Company's fields of activity. 
This objective embraces:
- The environment, both human and natural.
- Physical equipment and property.
- Personnel assigned to office activities.
- Personnel assigned to field activities.
TEC pursues this objective in every area of corporate activity and specifically:
- Plant design and engineering.
- Plant construction
- Plant startup.
- Training and development of Client manpower.
- Assistance with plant management to enable the Client to operate plant competently and independently in conformity with safety codes and practices.


TEC management has delegated to the HSE Manager the responsibility, authority and organizational freedom to develop and maintain HSE Standards and urges all members of the Company to comply with the instructions and recommendations of Company HSE policy, as outlined in HSE Manual.


TEC Comply with the rules and regulations relevant to safety, protection, of the customer where they perform their activities
TEC train & stimulate their own personnel to improve their attitude to safety protection.
TEC adept work methods and procedures suitable to prevent accidents
TEC periodically evaluate their achievements and carry out corrective actions to ensure this policy is accomplished

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