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  Policy Statement
1. On Quality
2. On Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)


TEC is committed to providing its Clients with a product meeting contractual requirements and Clients' needs at fair cost, within the shortest time and to the highest standards of safety, supporting and protecting the well-being of the natural environment and of the communities where the work is executed.
To accomplish this mission, the General Management has set up a Quality System, operating in compliance with ISO 9001 standard.

This system is also able to readjust and improve its operational procedures at any stage of the production cycle, as well as to ensure the professional and technical development of personnel at all levels.

The Chief Executive Officer is primarily responsible for the development and implementation of the Quality System. This responsibility has been delegated to the Quality Manager, who has full authority and organizational freedom to develop and maintain the Quality System.
The Chief Execution Officer urges all members of the Company to comply with the instructions of the Quality System Manual. All management levels are fully responsible for ensuring that the requirements of the manual are understood and complied with.
All employees engaged in the work process under the TEC name are responsible for a quality product that meets the Client's specified requirements.


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